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Get to know our Technical Director, Andrew Robinson

What is your role at Connect Tel?

Hi, my name is Andrew Robinson. I'm the Technical Services Director here at Connect Tel and will have been with Connect Tel for 8 years in April.

My responsibilities include managing the staff within the ICT & technical team, as well as maintaining a customer facing role where I work with a wide variety of customers on a large range of I.T., Network, Cloud and IP Telephony projects.

Within the organisation I have been heavily involved in the implementation of our helpdesk, workflow and service monitoring.  These systems are constantly being refined and adapted to firstly meet the changing needs our clients but most importantly to provide our clients with an ongoing high level of support and service to ensure their business continuity.

What certifications do you have?

I have quite a number of industry certifications across vendors such as Mitel, Cisco, HP, Microsoft, with one of the most well-known probably being a Cisco CCNP certification.  In my team we also have staff accredited across a wide portfolio of products ranging from traditional PABX solutions all the way through to WiFi, Video Conferencing and Virtualization.

How did you get into the industry and join Connect Tel?

I obtained my Cisco CCNA certification as part of my VCE studies, and afterward landed a traineeship with an organisation specializing in regional wireless internet solutions.

After completing my traineeship I opted to worked for myself doing home PC repairs and VoIP installations for a few years.  After a while I felt I wanted to work as part of a larger team with a cross set of skills in IT and Network solutions for clients ranging from SME to more complex and corporate clients.  It was at this time an opportunity came up to work with Connect Tel which I was very eager to take up.

What do you like about your job?

I enjoy the variety, as it is very rare that any two solutions or implementations are the same.  Each design is essentially its own puzzle waiting to be solved, each with its own challenges.

Working at Connect Tel I also get to be exposed to a very broad range of technologies such as PCs, Servers, virtualization, routers, switches, storage, data centres and IP telephony.

What do you do outside of work?

Having a young family, I don't have a great deal of free time, but when I do have an hour or two to myself I enjoy watching the AFL (Go Cats!) or designing and working on my own home automation projects.


Get to know our Technical Director, Andrew Robinson

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