Connecting locations, employees and customers seamlessly and cost-effectively can be difficult, but ConnectTel can guide you through this process.

From determining your specific needs to implementing your solution, ConnectTel will help you choose the right infrastructure. We will work through the implementation, and on how various features will benefit your business. The goal of any contact centre is to create the customer experience required to build and maintain relationships. With ConnectTel, you can do that while empowering customers through efficient management and streamlining operations. At ConnectTel we work with you to design, supply and support premium communication solutions.

Future-proof your fax number

Virtual Fax turns your computer into a fax machine. So you can use your existing fax number with the NBN – and beyond!

You’ll love Virtual Fax because there’s nothing to download or install. Access and manage your fax communications from your business email. With ConnectTel, high quality faxing is quick and simple.

Why Choose Virtual Fax?

  • BYO Number
    Bring your current fax numbers with you when you switch to ConnectTel.
  • PDF Simplicity
    Send and receive your faxes as PDF files through either email or portal. This allows you to fax large size files quickly that retain their quality.
  • NBN Ready
    Replace your fax machine with our NBN ready virtual fax service. It will work with all internet enabled devices and will make your business future proof.

1800/1300 Numbers

Inbound and toll free numbers are a low-cost way to present professionally.

1800, 13 & 1300 Inbound numbers provide benefits such as:

  • Memorable Numbers can be selected, using phone words or easy to remember numbers.
  • Gain a National or Local presence, depending on your target market.
  • Low cost of call to your callers, free or local rate numbers are optional.
  • Ability to track marketing response by using unique inbound numbers per marketing campaign.
  • Call controls, route calls to any answer-point and never miss a call.
  • Keep your number, if you move location you will never lose your virtual number

Online SMS

Email to SMS allows you to easily send and receive SMS direct from your email, without having to open additional programs or applications. Organisations everywhere are taking advantage of the fast and hassle-free nature of the Email to SMS service.

  • SMS Broadcast
    Discover new opportunities with our simple bulk SMS platform.
  • Two-Way SMS
    Manage, track & control your customer messages.
  • Virtual Number
    Gives you a custom, dedicated receive number for your messages.

Let ConnectTel build a solution for you. Call us now.