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Critical Information Summary

Hosted vPBX – Service Description

ConnectTel Hosted vPBX is a voice telephony service that is supplied over your internet service. The internet service may be supplied by ConnectTel or by another service provider.

Requirements & Availability

ConnectTel Hosted vPBX requires fixed broadband service and a wired Ethernet port utilising suitable Power Over Ethernet switches or IP Power Packs for each handset. Each vPBX Handset requires a minimum of 100kbps of uncongested upstream and downstream bandwidth for optimal quality. Installation will occur during normal business hours. Installation after business hours will incur an additional charge

Included Features

ConnectTel Subscription plans include handset rental, a direct-in-dial geographic number (DID number), unlimited standard local and national calls, unlimited standard calls to Australian mobiles as well as a range of included features such as voicemail-to-email & mobile twinning.

Message/Music On Hold

The ConnectTel Subscription service includes standard generic music at no extra cost.  If you require your own recorded message upload to the system, the cost is $10 Inc GST per month.  ConnectTel can also provide your own personalised professionally recorded Message On Hold for $50 Inc GST per month.

Minimum Service Term

ConnectTel Hosted vPBX services are supplied on a 36 month contract term.  Customers are permitted to terminate the service by giving 90 days notice (early termination fees apply). Early termination fee, if you choose to cancel your service or it is disconnected for any reason within the 36 month contract term you will be charged an early termination fee comprised of your minimum monthly commitment as per your agreement with us multiplied by the months remaining in your contract.

Exclusions / Not Support

ConnectTel vPBX UCC Subscription plans do not include calls to 13 and 1300 numbers.  13/1300 calls are billed at 33c per call.  ConnectTel vPBX UCC does not support 19/1900 number calls, fax, dial up modem or other analogue data calls (e.g. EFTPOS, HICAPS), back to base alarms and other monitoring systems using phone lines, and similar features.  ConnectTel Subscription is not available for telemarketing, call centre function and similar uses, a fair use policy applies.

Support & Maintenance

ConnectTel vPBX Subscription includes;

 ConnectTel NBN – Service Description

ConnectTel’s NBN Broadband service is delivered via the NBN Fibre Network (FTTP, FTTB, or FTTN) to the network boundary point of your premises.

Actual NBN throughput speeds may be slower and could vary due to many factors including access method, type/source of content being downloaded, hardware and software configuration, the number of users simultaneously using the network and performance of interconnecting infrastructure not under ConnectTel’s control. Devices connected by Wi-Fi may experience slower speeds than those connected by Ethernet cable. The Standard speed option has a maximum download line speed of up to 25Mbps and maximum upload line speed of up to 5Mbps. The highest speed option has a maximum download line speed of up to 100Mbps and maximum upload line speed of up to 40Mbps. Additional costs apply for a speed increase.

The ConnectTel NBN Broadband plans are supplied on a 24 month contract term.  Customers are permitted to terminate the service by giving 30 days notice (early termination fees apply). If you cancel your service prior to the end of your contract term you will incur early termination charges. These are calculated by multiplying the number of outstanding contract months times the minimum monthly contract charge

Upfront NBN Charges

If your premises are considered a new development by NBN Co. a $300 + GST new development charge will appear on your 1st bill.  You will be advised prior to the order proceeding if this charge will apply.


Our billing cycle is each calendar month. Bills are produced during the first few days of the month, at which time you will receive email. You will not receive a paper bill.  Your first bill includes set up charges, pro-rata monthly plan charges for the remaining days of the month on which your service commenced, next month’s plan charges in advance, plus calls and any other charges incurred during the month.

Payment Terms

In order to deliver your solution, ConnectTel will require the following payment terms in lieu of any other agreed terms, alternative agreed terms will be confirmed with your ConnectTel Account Manager and we reserve the right to refuse those terms.

25% of ‘Once Off’ payment amount to be paid via direct debit/invoice upon order submission

25% of ‘Once Off’ payment amount to be paid via direct debit/invoice upon confirmation of service installation date

Remaining amount owing to be paid via direct debit/invoice upon completion of all services listed.

ConnectTel Reserves the right to put a hold to all other contract terms, including promises of service delivery pending Payment. Please Note, failure to complete payment may result in service disconnection or restriction of service pending payment.

What’s Not Included


General Conditions of Use

By signing this Service Order Form you (the “Customer”) acknowledge and agree:

1. Customer Service Guarantee Waiver

2. ConnectTel SIP Voice and CSG

As the Voice Service is supplied over the internet and is dependent on the network performance, ConnectTel is unwilling to supply the Service and be subject to liability for compensation under the CSG, whether directly to Your End User or to You, whether under section 118A of the Telecommunications (Consumer Protection and Service Standards) Act, 1999 or under the CSG Standard.  Accordingly, ConnectTel requires that You waive all rights that You may have to claim against ConnectTel for compensation under the CSG and that you forego any rights You may have under section 118A of the Telecommunications (Consumer Protection and Service Standards) Act, 1999.

3. Waiver

The Customer certifies that the details contained in this Service Order Form are complete and correct. The Customer and any person submitting this Service Order Form for the Customer warrant that the person submitting this Service Order Form is authorised by the Customer and has received no notice of revocation of that authorisation by the Customer.

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